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  • Dynamics Ax 2012 my ideal Azure VM setup

    Introduction This is just a quick note on how I setup an Ax 2012 on an Azure machine to get the most bang for my buck. The example I’m using is a DEV machine where I keep the sample code for this blog. But you could apply the principles for every environment. Sizing & disks […]

  • Dynamics Ax RunBase overriding dialog with a Form

    Hi, Some time ago I’ve found out that you can implement a form into a RunBase dialog, this has the advantage that you can easily use a grid control, etc… or use modified field methods without using controlMethodOverload() method. You can do this by overriding the dialog method and adding the following code. You can […]

  • Dynamics Ax printing logo’s from batch

    Hi, Edit Microsoft has released a fix for this problem contact support for this As all of you know the Image class in Dynamics Ax 4.0 and 2009 can only run on client. This poses a problem when you want to print for example invoices with your company logo on it. Having this found out […]

  • Dynamics Ax Reports with Calibri font

    Hi, A customer of mine asked me to change the font of some reports to Calibri. It all went well until we saved a report as PDF, there was way too much spacing between characters. After some days of investigating and contact with Microsoft I’ve found out that it worked on a Windows Server 2008 […]

  • Dynamics ax take screenshots from FormControls

    Hi all, Here is a little code snippet for you to take screen shots within a Dynamics Ax client. This snippets uses the size of your control and the position on your screen to create the screenshot 🙂

  • Dynamics Ax printing from the AOS

    Hello, This post will be all about printing from printers that are connected on the AOS instead of the client. First up is installing a printer on the server thats hosts the AOS services. Next is configuring the client and server as shown in the next screenshots: In the printer setup you should now be […]

  • Dynamics Ax SQL Trace

    Hi there, here is a simple job to enable SQL tracing for all your users, this quite handy for optimizing queries. (The macro’s for modifying other fields on the UserInfo table can be found on the ClassDeclaration of the SysUserSetup form.) Make sure that client tracing is enabled in the server configuration. (Only use this […]

  • Dynamics Ax RunBaseBatch multithreading

    Hi, Next post will be a little tutorial on how the RunBaseBatch framework can work multithreaded. For example in the SalesFormLetter class on the method run, the following code will be found before the query iteration: The SalesFormLetterEndMultiThread that is being created will be called when all threads connected to that bacth are processed, this […]

  • Dynamics Ax creating a batch job from code

    Hi, Here is a simple code snippet to create Batch jobs from code. This convenient when starting a heavy load job from a user interface and still keep the client responsive.

  • Dynamics Ax Creating sales orders with the SalesAutoCreate class

    Many projects use an interface to import their sales orders, because of this a SalesAutoCreate class was created. This class is easily extendable and customizable.The first thing to do is designing a buffer table, like this one for example: After this we can start extending a new class from the SalesAutoCreate class and modifying the […]