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  • Dynamics Ax 2012 History cleanup

    On of my most popular posts is Cleaning up the AIF document log, but this is not the only table that could benefit from a regular cleanup. For some of these standard tables there are little or no cleanup jobs, as an example the cleanup for the AIF document log only runs online in the client […]

  • Dynamics Ax 2012 my ideal Azure VM setup

    Introduction This is just a quick note on how I setup an Ax 2012 on an Azure machine to get the most bang for my buck. The example I’m using is a DEV machine where I keep the sample code for this blog. But you could apply the principles for every environment. Sizing & disks […]

  • Dynamics Ax 2012 fill factor

    Database synchronize We all know that Dynamics Ax constructs its tables and indexes during a DB synchronize, and if we would make changes directly in SQL these could be overridden by Ax when installing model updates and syncing those to the database. But there’s more to creating an index then the defaults Ax does and […]

  • Dynamics Ax 2012 Trace parser with ETW

    Hi All, The following subject already exists for a while but I found it so useful that I want to get it out there once more! Lets consider the following scenario: There’s a performance issue in production and no other environment around where the customer or the partner is able to reproduce it or the […]

  • Dynamics Ax: X++ what’s new

    Hi All! As you’ve probably already heard the new major release of Dynamics Ax is out and it’s called Microsoft Dynamics Ax! I have been to the Ax7 technical preview conference so I’ve already prepared some content for you and now that the release is official I can share it all. Dynamics Ax comes along with […]

  • Dynamics Ax Management Shell powershell tips

    Hi all, When Dynamics Ax 2012 came out it was shipped with 2 tools AxUtil.exe and the Management shell. In my experience most of the Dynamics Ax developers are already familiar with AxUtil.exe but don’t have much experience in powershell yet. Therefor I decided to write some examples to get you guys going. If you […]

  • Dynamics Ax custom WCF service with paging support

    Hi all, Lately I’ve been busy developing WCF services to communicate with .NET web applications. All of these web services are custom-made and are using .NET data contracts so that every application uses the same contracts. Due to the high amount of data and performance we had to implement some kind of paging. I had […]

  • Dynamics Ax Implementing an InventDim form control

    Hi All, Yesterday I was struggling a bit with an InventDim form control on a custom-made form. The problem was that the product dimension look ups were returning none or too much results like example 1. While the correct result should look like example 2. The problem was that I’ve named the item field ServiceItemId instead of ItemId. This […]

  • Dynamics Ax composite queries

    Hi all, Currently I’m working on a new Dynamics Ax 2012 project and for that I’m developing a lot of list pages and forms. For these I had to make multiple menu items that open a list page with different filters, you can do this by setting the menu item query property or calling a class which calls the form with […]

  • MS SQL Server performance with Dynamics Ax

    Hi, Lately I’m working on some projects who experience a bad performance in Dynamics Ax. This can have multiple causes but one of the most important is maintaining the SQL Server. In my humble opinion every Dynamics Ax developer should have a basic knowledge on how SQL Server works and is maintained because it is […]